amNewYork: What to do and eat in Sunnyside, Queens

Though it is called Sunnyside, this Queens neighborhood tends to get overshadowed by more popular outer-borough destinations nearby like Long Island City and Astoria. But if you’re the kind of explorer who likes to travel off the beaten path, you’ll find that Sunnyside has its own share of eclectic shops, ethnic eateries, and even iconic landmarks to immerse yourself in.

From your first cup of coffee in the morning to a evening show, we’ve got a full day of activities for your trip to Sunnyside. Hop on the 7 train to 46th Street and Queens Boulevard to get started.

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amNewYork: Sheepshead Bay dining guide: Where to eat in the Brooklyn neighborhood


Named after the bay that separates this south Brooklyn neighborhood from the coastal communities of Coney Island and Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay is home to a unique mixture of ethnic enclaves you may not find anywhere else in New York. Turks, Armenians, Eastern Europeans, and Central Asians all live together here, making for a melting pot of cuisine that’s sure to satisfy every taste preference.

Of course, like any Brooklyn neighborhood, there are also plenty of Italian-American establishments, some that have served customers for over a century.

Hope on the Q train to this family-friendly community for a waterfront dining experience.

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amNewYork: Where to eat and drink in Flushing, Queens

Flushing is Queens’ original Chinatown, a vibrant and bustling neighborhood located at the very end of the 7 train. There’s no shortage of Chinese eateries here, many of them cramped together on the third busiest intersection in New York City: Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. But spend a little time walking around and you’ll find that there’s more diversity in Flushing’s cuisine than meets the eye.

Whether you’re the type of person that likes to sit down for a three-course meal or someone who’s more of the grab-and-go type, there’s something here for everyone to try.

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